Staffing Is Essential to an Agency

IBA West Announces Staff Service WAHVE


Quality staffing: It’s a key element for any independent agency. IBA West offers members a unique offering: Experienced and qualified insurance professionals available to help your agency on a remote outsourced basis.

WAHVE (Work At Home Vintage Employees) is a unique, cost-saving remote contract staffing solution that supplements your firm’s staffing needs by using the industries knowledgeable and technologically savvy retirees who would cost twice as much if you hired someone with expertise.  

Sharon Emek, Ph.D., Founder, CEO & President of WAHVE explains, “the biggest expense an independent insurance agency has is its staff.  Staff costs are not just about the base salary.  They include the cost for benefits and taxes, brick and mortar, hiring, training, turnover.  When you add these up, a person whose salary is $50K annually can cost you $70K annually or more.”

“When you outsource to a Wahve, you not only save on all these additional costs, you save on the base salary.  A full-time 25 year experience Wahve would cost you on the average $43K with no additional costs, which equates to $25-$27 per hour,” said Emek.

“WAHVE is an excellent alternative that uses U.S. based workers at much less than the cost of regular experienced staff,” said Clark Payan, IBA West CEO explaining why IBA West is endorsing this product for its members.

Depending on the type and level of work you require, most full-time Wahves cost between $41,825 and $50,190 annually and part-time between $25/hr and $30/hr.  For expert project work, the hourly rate is negotiated based on the expertise needed and the project.  There are no additional charges, no employee benefits or office overhead to pay. 

“Since WAHVE only charges the hours worked,” added Payan, “Agencies only get invoiced for the actual hours worked if it’s full-time, part-time or project work.”

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WAHVE ( was built on the expertise of its founders who each have more than thirty years of insurance agency, technology and outsource service center experience.  WAHVE is the only remote outsourced staffing alternative to offshoring for insurance agents, brokers and insurers, providing full back-office and customer service, project, and consulting work.  Using our innovative work-at-home model, we contract skilled insurance retirees who know the industry, technology, culture, and language.

WAHVE has a comprehensive database of baby-boomer retirees with insurance industry institutional knowledge and can provide remote contract staffing or consulting to firms on a full-time, part-time and/or project basis.