Cal Chamber 2012 Policy Agenda Now Available


The California Chamber of Commerce  2012 Business Issues and Legislative Guide is now available at

As candidates and incumbents grapple with the new dynamics of the reformed election system in California, it will fall to the business community—California’s job providers—to remind state policy makers and those who aspire to succeed them that jobs and the economy should be a top priority.

Lack of certainty remains a major barrier to an improved jobs climate in California, so it behooves policy makers to zero in on what the California Chamber of Commerce has identified as the five pillars of economic recovery:

Reducing regulatory and litigation costs of hiring new employees and keeping them on the job;

Ensuring certainty and stability of private investments in plants, equipment and technology;

Enacting a fair and predictable tax structure;

Investing in public and private works that provide the backbone for economic growth; and

Providing a world-class education to prepare high school students for work or college, and supporting public colleges and universities to prepare students and innovate technologies.

The Chamber sees to remind policy leaders that California is just one part (though a major player) of a global marketplace and that businesses in the state face competition from around the world. And that California leaders need to demonstrate that they are committed to working through the state’s problems together.

This Guide lays the foundation for understanding those problems, highlights the uncertainties facing business and provides solutions that will make California more competitive.

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