IIABA Adds Two Awards to Young Agents Committee Honors

Each year, the Big “I” national Young Agents Committee (YAC) presents awards to state young agent committees for their efforts in membership development, communications, meetings, state committee projects, political involvement and the outstanding committee of the year. IBA West's young agents committee, recently renamed Emerging Leaders, has won more than seven awards for their conference in the past several years. 

This year, the national YAC has added a new award to recognize state YACs that are involved with InVEST, the educational foundation that educates high school and college students on insurance and careers in the insurance industry. The new Outstanding InVEST Supporter award will be presented to the state committee that best promotes young agent involvement in InVEST.

The national YAC also created the new Hall Achievement Award. This award will be presented to any state Young Agent Committee that wins all six award categories (including the new Outstanding InVEST Supporter but excluding the Outstanding Young Agent Committee of the Year).

The accumulation of winnings does not need to be in consecutive years. To give this award a jumpstart, accumulation of awards will begin in 2004. No additional paperwork is required.

The application for all of the awards has also been updated. Each award has its own application and uses the following format: 

  • State vitals: Each application must include vitals about the state committee, such as the size of the young agent members, definition of young agent and other pertinent information.
  • Award application: Applicants will be asked for specific details about the activity they are submitting for review, such as the name and type of event hosted. 
  • Quantifiable growth and distribution questions: Each application includes a three-point question and a two-point question requesting numbers supporting success. For example, acommittee could compare registration numbers from last year and this year. 
  • Activities: Each application includes a 10-point checkbox question about activities conducted to support the initiative. 
  • Narrative: Each application includes two five-point essay questions and the opportunity to provide supporting documentation.

To download the applications, please visit the online workspace. Questions, including those about  accessing the workspace, may be directed to Susan Bonner (susan.bonner@iiaba.net).