"Think Long Committee for California" Drops Tax Initiative


Governor Jerry Brown, when filing his own tax initiative, said he would try to clear the field of 6 competing tax measures.

Well, one down, 5 to go for the Governor.  “Think Long Committee for California” announced this past week that they will not pursue their tax reform initiative this year.  The committee, created by billionaire Nicholas Berggruen, had proposed a massive overhaul of California taxes, including the addition of a new service tax.  The committee’s announcement stated that the decision had been made to postpone pursuing the measure until 2014.  It did not make any mention of the complicated politics of the situation, but said the postponement was so that they could further refine the proposal.

Brown is also trying to persuade Molly Munger, a wealthy civil rights activist, to pull her measure back as well.  Munger’s proposal would increase income taxes to bolster school funding.