AAMC - It's Like A Personal Trainer For Your Agency!

The New Year has arrived and with it the usual assortment of resolutions: lose weight, exercise more, get organized and make better financial decisions.  There are plenty of people and places to help you with the first two goals on that list, but only one place where you can sign up to help your agency be more operationally efficient, achieve better financial results and plan for the successful transition of your agency to the next generation of leadership. 

Attending IBA West’s Advanced Agency Management Conference will be like getting a personal trainer to help with the health and fitness of your agency.  It is the only conference in California dedicated to the agency management needs and concerns of today’s managers and principals and those emerging leaders who are poised to take on additional responsibility.

Two separate tracks will allow attendees to set their own agenda and participate in sessions which address the issues they face in running their agencies on a daily basis.  Some highlights from Mary Eisenhart’s presentations in Track 1 include:

  • Sales Got Us This Far – Operations & Sales Together = Success for the Future    
  • Business Model – the Critical Framework – Simplify Whenever Possible              
  • Setting Operational Goals to Correspond with Overall Agency Goals                  
  • Recruiting & Hiring the Best People – Your Lifeline to Your Clients!                    
  • Technology – It’s Changed the Landscape – Yet Agencies Haven’t Really Changed Operationally to Keep Up                                                                                              
  • Are You Delivering on Your Promises to Your Clients?  Global ROI Analysis of Agency Automation, Procedures, Processes, & Tools                                                           
  • Training/Education – Are Your Folks Ready for Prime Time?                           
  • Metrics – Can You Prove What’s Working – Or Not Working?                        


In Track 2, Sherri Stein will discuss financial matters and agency succession strategies, including:

  • Agency Success Metrics
  • Setting a Comprehensive Business Strategy
  • Setting a Course for Organic Growth
  • Effective and Affordable Staff Compensation Models
  • The Drivers of Agency Value
  • Creating an Owner/Manager Dashboard for Agency Management

IBA West General Counsel Steve Young will kick off the conference by discussing the various new laws and regulations that have the potential to impact your agency’s business and employment contract considerations that affect every organization.

This is just what you need to help get your agency in shape and ready to face the challenges of the future.  You won’t want to miss it!

Click HERE for a detailed schedule and registration information.