Free Agency E&O Risk Management Webinar

Managing Agency E&O Exposure to Data Breaches and Cyber Liability

Please join the Big “I” Professional Liability Program’s endorsed carrier, Swiss Re and guests, for a free webinar on Wednesday, December 7th, 2011 at 2 p.m. Eastern Time to learn more about the exposures facing agencies today from data breaches and cyber liability. The webinar is planned to  last a little over an hour and all agency staff including agency owners and managers, as well as producers and CSR’s, can benefit from attending this FREE member webinar.

Space is limited! CLICK HERE to register today!

Liability from cyber-attacks is on the rise and the media is constantly reporting on companies being hacked, exposing protected personal information. As an insurance agent you collect, use, and store personally identifiable information on a daily basis and in doing so have exposure to both regulatory penalties and potential first and third party liability if you don’t appropriately secure customer information. The cost associated with data breaches can be staggering with potential fines, legal fees, costs of customer notification, and probably most damaging the loss of trust of customers.

IIABA has assembled an excellent group of panelist to discuss key considerations agents should be thinking about when it comes to their exposures associated with protecting customer data. Join the webinar and learn about:

• How state and federal laws impact an agent’s responsibility to protect customer data, including real examples along with resources available for learning more about specific laws.

• What data is considered personally identifiable information and an average agency’s areas of exposure.

• Accepted methods for protecting against the agency’s internal and external exposures.

• The free member resources focusing agency privacy and security provided by the Agents Council for Technology.

• Coverage available to agents for liability created from a data breach.

• Key considerations in agencies offering Cyber Liability coverage to their customers



• Celeste King - Partner with the Chicago-based law firm of Walker Wilcox Matousek LLP.

• Steve Arsonson – President and CEO of Aronson Insurance Agency, Inc.

• Tim Woodcock –President and CEO of Courtesy Computers, Inc.

• Jeff Yates – Executive Director of IIABA’s Agents Council for Technology (ACT).

• Alex E. Wayne – Executive Vice President of A.J. Wayne and Associates, Inc.

• Susan Dowdall – Senior Vice President at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions