Bruce Moore Memorial


 Last week Barney & Barney celebrated the life of Bruce Moore who died September 27, a few days after his 87th birthday. Moore was a key leader of the firm during the more than forty years he spent there.

Barney & Barney CEO Paul Herring paid tribute to Moore in his message to employees this week.

Moore was a leader in the industry and an active member of IBA West and served as president in 1971. He was awarded the association's prestigous Ramsden-Sullivan award in 1980. 

The following words of Wisdom to Live by…According to Bruce, were provided to IBA West  courtesy of the staff at Barney & Barney. 

  • Take vacations
  • Exercise regularly
  • Always try your best
  • Put things back where you found them
  • Write a thank you note; call an old friend
  • Help out in the kitchen
  • Listen with an open mind; don’t interrupt
  • Get enough sleep
  • Don’t gossip
  • Find a hobby
  • Give to charity
  • Splurge now and then
  • Volunteer and help out in the community
  • A positive attitude makes a lasting impression
  • Show affection often
  • Try prune juice on your cereal instead of milk
  • Think of your loved ones before yourself

For those who would like to honor Bruce with a donation to the Bruce Moore Memorial Fund, checks may be sent to The Barney & Barney Foundation, 9171 Towne Ctr. Dr., #500, San Diego, CA 92122.