IIABA Marketing Tip of the Week: Build Better Relationships through Eye Contact


Proper body language is essential to effective communication.

Non-verbal communication such as eye contact can be an important component of relationship building. A recent edition of Independent Insurance Agents of New Mexico’s monthly electronic magazine, La Voz, included a sales management article on this topic titled, “Sell More and Build Better Relationships Through Better Eye Contact.” Below are highlights from the article:

  • Use eye contact to build credibility, convey trust and to accent your point at important intervals in the conversation. Lack of proper use can destroy chances for building trust and credibility.
  • Look the person directly in the eye as much as possible. Looking elsewhere can cause paranoia.
  • Look only at the left eye, to avoid looking back and forth and the “shifty-eye” impression. The left eye is controlled by the right side of the brain, which is the emotional side. 
  • Watch others’ eye contact at important times in the sales conversation, such as closing and qualifying questions.

Click here to read the entire article provided by Rachel Sheffield, IIANM director of communications.