California Supreme Court Rejects Redistricting Challenges


The California Supreme Court on Wednesday unanimously rejected two legal challenges to state Senate and congressional districts drawn by a citizens commission. The court refused to legal challenges filed by state Republicans hoping to overturn maps drawn for congressional and state Senate district maps without comment.

California voters took the redistricting task away from the Legislature and created the citizens commission to do it every 10 years, following the census, to adjust for population changes. IBA West member Jeanne Raya, John L Raya Insurance Agency, San Gabriel served on the California Citizens Redistricting Commission that spent the last two years working on the maps.

The ruling leaves a referendum effort against the Senate maps as the only avenue for GOP interests seeking to overturn the Senate districts. The maps for state Assembly and Board of Equalization districts have not been challenged.

Backers of a referendum have until Nov. 13 to gather some 504,000 signatures to place their measure on next year's ballot. If they succeed, the state Supreme Court will once again be required to decide whether to use the commission's districts or appoint special masters to draw new ones until voters can decide for themselves.