Governor Acts on Legislation


The deadline for the Governor to sign or veto legislation passed in the 2011 session was October 9th and he took his pen down to the last minute! Approximately 2,200 bills were introduced in the beginning of the year.  Of those, the Legislature sent 563 to the Governor’s desk for consideration.

As it is Brown’s first year as Governor, since the 1970’s, many looked to his action on this year’s legislation to define how moderate or liberal he will be as Governor.  And in typical Jerry Brown style, he did not give a definitive answer.

While Governor Brown provide several victories to his Democratic base, deciding to sign measures such as the bill moving all ballot measures to November elections, he also angered some of his own party with several tough vetoes, including one to unionize child-care workers.   Brown also vetoed dozens of bills that would have expanded the scope of government, and others that would have placed burdens on businesses, winning the praise Republicans and business groups.  In total, the Governor signed 466 bills and vetoed 97.