Get Involved in IICF Volunteer Week 2011 - October 15-22


Our industry historically leads the way when it comes to giving back to our communities, whether it’s hrough financial donations or volunteerism. The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation invites you to come out in support of your community and your industry for IICF Volunteer Week 2011, October 15-22.

This annual event brings together employees of the insurance industry with nonprofit agencies, to provide volunteer help within your local community during this targeted week in October, and we are currently in our 14th year.

Right now IICF Volunteer Week is occurring in the state of California, Denver, Colorado, and the New York and the Tri-state region, with targeted projects from our Midwest Division being held in Chicago and Kansas City on one day this year. We encourage you to participate in this great week of caring and sharing. If you are currently located outside of the Volunteer Week areas, you can still participate by going out into your own community and volunteering hours during this same time period. We would love to have you participate and we will be happy to include your hours with our statistics for 2011, even if you are outside of the participating regions. I have attached a tracking sheet for your use in reporting your activities. Just complete and return to me at at the conclusion of your project(s).  

For those of you that do reside within the covered regions, an online registration process has been developed and streamlined to assist you in selecting those projects that fit within your time and manpower limits. It is recommended that you select one person to head your team as Team Leader. This person will be responsible for selecting projects and coordinating volunteer efforts. If you prefer to volunteer on an individual basis, simply register yourself as a Team Leader and you will have access to the selection process. There are lots of great projects still available.

Go to to register and begin selecting your projects. If you have any questions or problems with the online process, please contact Mary Reynolds at or 925-280-8009 for assistance.

As the Foundation continues to grow and expand, IICF Volunteer Week is becoming a national event. If you would like more information about the Foundation or Volunteer Week, please visit our website at