Kim Vann To Run for 3rd Congressional District


Spouse of IBA West Member to Run Against Former Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi

A couple weeks ago the Insider wrote about the citizen’s commission to redraw the state’s legislative districts. IBA West member Jeanne Raya spent more than two years on the effort. One of the new seats created by the commission has coincidently created an opportunity for the spouse of an IBA West member to run against former Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi whose current congressional district has been redrawn. 

The new district includes Colusa County, parts of Glenn, Lake, Sutter, Yuba, Sacramento, Solano and Yolo Counties. The district is a mixture of farmland and small business centers. From Travis Air Force Base, the Suisun Marsh and the Fairfield Candy Cluster at its southern end, the district winds north and includes UC Davis, Beale Air Force Base, the Plumas National Forest and a wide variety of row crops, orchards and vineyards.

Kim Dolbow Vann, wife of Jim Vann, a producer at Wraith, Scarlett & Randolph in Woodland, began her campaign to serve California’s 3rd Congressional District just a few weeks ago. Vann is currently serving as Colusa County Board of Supervisors. Elected in November 2006, Vann is one of the youngest women ever elected as a Supervisor in California’s history. 

This unique constituency seems suited for Vann, a fourth-generation family farmer in Northern California. Prior to her election to the Board of Supervisors, Vann served as a senior advisor to then-Congressman Doug Ose, who represented much of the new 3rd Congressional District for three terms.  As an aide to Ose, Vann points to her efforts to protect Northern California interests in the 2002 Farm Bill. She served as Ose’s point person on Regulatory Reform, and helped secure funding for critical infrastructure improvements for the district.

Vann considers herself a “business Republican” and resists any other label. She is very clear she wants to focus on jobs and serving the needs of the people in her district.   At this point, she is the Republican front-runner in the race that will be held under the state’s new open primary system.  

Vann thinks the open primary will help her because “people can vote for the person not the party.”  She also thinks this is a great time to run as a newcomer against Garamendi, a career politician.  It also doesn’t hurt that the district is 85% new and tends to vote Republican according to Vann’s campaign. 

The campaign time fram is short, just 14 months, so right now Vann is working hard to meet people and raise money. She’s secured a number of endorsements from key local leaders including Congressman Wally Herger, Congressman Jeff Denham, former Congressman Doug Ose, state Senator Doug LaMalfa, state Assemblyman Jim Nielsen and dozens of business leaders and local elected officials.

Vann’s husband Jim, a producer at Wraith, Scarlett & Randolph, a medium sized agency that prides itself on providing superior client service, is very proud of his wife who has been in public service ever since they met. 

Jim Vann, who started his career at Wraith, Scarlett & Randolph in 2003, said his wife really understands the challenges his clients and other small businesses are facing in the current economic climate.

 “Our business is mix of agribusiness and small commercial as well as personal insurance,” said Vann. “Most of our clients have been with us for over 15 years, some as long as 60 years.”  

Vann says the main issues are jobs and the economy and he’s confident his wife can make things better.

“Kim is really good at her job, she is very practical about how to get things done,” said Vann who used to commute to the bay area but now lives in Arbuckle with his wife and 8-year-old son, Asa.

“The most important message I can get to voters at this point is: if you want business as usual in Washington, do nothing; but if you want to see change, get involved in my campaign,” said Kim Vann.

To learn more about her campaign, click here to visit Vann’s campaign website.