Governor's Actions - September 2nd to 16th

The Governor has signed the following measures into law:

AB 711 (Lara): This bill shifts the burden of proof from a county assessor to a taxpayer in an assessment appeal hearing involving the taxpayer’s vacation or secondary home.

AB 771 (Butler): This bill creates a disclosure form that a seller must provide to a buyer including the cost and allows a homeowners' association to contract with an agent to a common interest development.

AB 793 (Eng): This bill prohibits an insurance broker or agent from participating in or employing any party that participates in the origination of a reverse mortgage, except as specified.

SB 4 (Calderon): This bill requires, on and after April 1, 2012, that a notice of non-judicial foreclosure sale contain:   (1) language notifying potential bidders of specified risks involved in bidding on the property; and (2) a notice to the property owner informing the owner about how to obtain information regarding any postponement of the sale.  This bill additionally requires a trustee handling the foreclosure to make a good faith effort to provide up-to-date information regarding sale dates and postponements, as specified.

SB 110 (Rubio): This bill requires expert reports used to fulfill natural hazard disclosure requirements in residential property sales to include a "Notice of Mining Operations" if the property is within one mile of specified mining operations.

SB 559 (Padilla): This bill would expand the prohibited bases of discrimination under the Unruh Civil Rights Act and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act to include genetic information.

SB 563 (Committee on Transportation and Housing): This bill generally prohibits a common interest development (CID) board from conducting meetings via electronic transmission, including e-mail, except as specified, clarifies that executive sessions are meetings, reduces the notice period for CID board meetings held solely in executive session, and provides standards for teleconference CID board meetings.

SB 596 (Price): This bill permits insurers selling homeowner's insurance to disclose to applicants, in the same document that offers earthquake coverage, all discounts or surcharges for homeowner's insurance and related earthquake insurance.  This bill reduces from 12-point type to 10-point type the size of the reproduction of the insurance law, provided by insurers to claimants, that identifies the unfair practices in the business of insurance. Lastly, the bill repeals the requirement that insurers, upon receipt of a claim, provide the insured person with a reproduction of the insurance law that identifies the following prohibited acts in the business of insurance, and instead requires insurers provide a legible reproduction of this information to an insured person upon their request.

The Governor vetoed the following measures:

SB 28 (Simitian): This bill would have increased the penalties related to using a wireless communications device while operating a vehicle, prohibits bicyclists from using a handheld communications device while riding a bicycle, established an education program regarding the dangers of talking or texting using a wireless communications device while driving, and added dangers of talking or texting while driving to the list of items that the Department of Motor Vehicles must include in an examination for a driver's license.