WCAN Urges Action on Workers' Comp Legislation

The Legislature has adjourned for the year, but not before sending several workers’ compensation bills to Governor Jerry Brown who must now decide whether to sign or veto them. WCAN is asking it's members and coalition partners, like IBA West to help to make sure the governor signs a key cost-saving measure and vetoes two bills that will increase costs and litigation in the workers’ compensation system.

Thank you for taking action on these bills throughout the legislative session. As we enter the final stage of this year's lawmaking process, we need to communicate directly with the governor and make sure he knows where employers stand on these issues.

You can visit WCAN’s Action Center to learn more about each bill and send an email to Governor Brown.

AB 1155 (Apportionment): This legislation would increase costs and litigation in California’s workers’ compensation system by undermining provisions that protect employers from paying for disability that did not arise from work. Take Action

AB 378 (Compound Drugs): This bill closes a costly loophole in current law which allows for abusive prescribing and billing practices for compound drugs, co-packs and medical foods in California’s workers’ compensation system. Click here to read an article from Capitol Weekly about AB 378. Take Action

AB 947 (Extends Temporary Disability Benefits): This bill will significantly increase costs and incentivize delays in return to work by creating an exemption to the 104 week cap on temporary disability benefits for injured workers that undergo surgical procedures. The Orange County Register editorialized against this bill in late August. Take Action