Governor Signs Legislation

Governor Jerry Brown signed the following bills into law this past week:

AB 771 (Butler):
 This bill creates a disclosure form that a seller must provide to a buyer including the cost and allows a homeowners' association to contract with an agent to procure, prepare, reproduce and deliver disclosure documents to a seller of a common interest development.

AB 820 (Gordon):
 This bill requires a county assessor, tax collector, and auditor to charge and collect a fee to cover the actual and reasonable costs incurred in preparing a certificate-of-payment showing taxes paid, instead of the existing $1 fee.

AB 902 (Alejo):
 This bill deletes the fixed fee amounts that tax collectors may charge out of tax sale proceeds for making reasonable efforts to contact last known assesses, obtaining names and last known mailing addresses, and sending and providing notices as part of tax sales.  This bill instead provides that county boards of supervisors may fix the fees to reimburse the tax collector's actual and reasonable costs.

SB 24 (Simitian):
 This bill amends California’s security breach notification law to provide that any agency, person, or business required to issue a notification under existing law must meet additional requirements regarding that notification.  This bill requires that security breach notifications be written in plain language and contain certain specified information, including, among other things, contact information regarding the breach, the types of information breached, and, if possible to determine, the date, estimated date, or date range of the breach.  This bill provides that a security breach notification may also include other specified information, at the discretion of the entity issuing the notification.  This bill requires that, any agency, person, or business that must provide a security breach notification under existing law to more than 500 California residents as a result of a single breach would be required to submit the notification electronically to the Attorney General.

SB 636 (Corbett):
 This bill makes specified changes in law relating to the disclosure of protected personal information about domestic violence and stalking victims, including changes to the Safe at Home" program, as specified.