Brown Appoints New Administrative Director of DWC


Governor Jerry Brown has appointed Rosa Moran, a workers' compensation judge from Oakland to be the Administrative Director of the Division of Workers' Compensation.

Representatives in the insurance industry reportedly welcome the news of her appointment.  Moran brings not only broad-based experience but hands on experience. As a sitting workers' comp judge for the past six years, she also is familiar with all the major players in the industry.

Prior to being appointed a workers' compensation judge in 2005, Moran was serving in private practice since 1988. Moran earned her undergraduate degree at the University of the Pacific and her law degree at the University of San Francisco.

According to the Workers’ Compensation Executive, during her tenure at the WCAB, Moran has been involved in some significant cases. She was the original judge in the Benson decision, which ultimately found that the Wilkinson rule did not apply in a post SB 899 world. The rule essentially held that awards of permanent disability in successive injury cases should be combined. Moran held that under the facts in the case the Wilkinson rule was still viable, but her decision was overturned by the full board's finding that the awards should be apportioned to each injury.

Moran's appointment requires Senate confirmation.