Free Member Access to the Best Practices Study


How does your agency compare?

Big “I” members can link to the Best Practices Gateway to browse the latest research on top-rated agencies, rank their performance against the Best Practices agencies, download useful tools to improve performance and share their opinions and experiences on a variety of agency management issues. 

 At the center of the Best Practices Gateway is the recently released 2010 Best Practices Study, a joint effort of the Big “I” and Reagan Consulting, Inc. The annual study compiles the financial and operational results of the country’s top performing agencies and provides industry benchmarks in six revenue categories. Members can browse these benchmarks through the executive summary and download a Best Practices Excel Comparison spreadsheet for calculating their agency’s performance gaps. The spreadsheet downloads with the results from each of the six revenue groups. 

The gateway also provides a performance quick check that lets members compare their agency’s performance in seven areas critical to agency value and to obtain an overall weighed performance score. From the score page, members can drill down to specific information for assessing and improving agency performance in each of the seven areas. Members can also review a complete menu of all available Best Practices resources, download samples from each and obtain ordering information. 

The Gateway even provides a tool kit that allows members to review other Best Practices resources addressing a variety of agency management topics such as procedures/workflows, sales development, leadership, team building, customer service and more.

To access the Best Practices Gateway, visit, select “Member Resources,” then select “Best Practices” and “Best Practices Gateway” or click here.  For questions or comments, please contact