Agents and Brokers Advised to Embrace Change

In a note to IIABA State Technology Liaisons, ACT Executive Director Jeff Yates recommends members read the June Technotrends newsletter, Daniel Burrus where discusses the need for us to embrace transformation which is defined as “to make a thorough or dramatic change,” because it is going to happen to us whether we like it or not. Burrus adds the proliferation of the Internet over the last decade has only been the “prologue” laying “the groundwork for the transformations to follow, the overwhelming majority of which are still ahead of us.

To get out ahead of the changes that will impact us, Burrus urges us to look at our customers’ “visible future, look at their hard trends, at what you’re certain about regarding their future.” This enables you to understand the problems your clients are going to experience and to have a solution ready for them.  Just asking what your customers want is not enough, because they often don’t yet know what is possible.  He cites the iPad as an example of something consumers did not know they wanted until it was delivered to them.

As usual, Burrus also provides some fascinating technology briefs, added Yates. Click here to read the newsletter.