Scholarships Available for the 2011 YBA Leadership & Sales Conference

By Bryon Pedevill, YBA Committee Member

Are you interested in attending this year’s IBA West YBA Leadership and Sales Conference?  Are you looking for a way to save some money?  Submit your essay today to be eligible for one of two $500 scholarships.  It’s not too late to attend the conference at the Napa Marriot from June 9th – 11th.

To qualify for this scholarship, you must write a 250-500 word essay on the following:

How do you expect that by attending the YBA Leadership & Sales Conference it will help you and your firm in the everyday business of insurance? How does conference attendance help you or how do you expect it to help you in obtaining new business?  How does it help or how do you expect it to help you to retain business?  If you had to approach your agency principal about attending, how would you help him/her to see the value in sending you to this conference? Share your ideas on how IBA West and local associations can help agency principals see the value in having their agents attend.

One of these scholarship awards will be awarded to a first-time attendee of our award-winning conference, while the second scholarship will be awarded to either an additional first-time or returning attendee.

Submit your essay and completed application to Jenn Thuma via fax at 818-888-1757 or e-mail For a copy of the YBA Conference Scholarship form, click here.