Big "I" Best Practices Helps You Manage Your Producers

Top Producers: Discover, Train, Reward is the most comprehensive guide to finding, hiring, training and compensating producers the Big “I” has ever produced. The guide contains a wealth of comprehensive, clear advice to help you successfully navigate the risky waters of finding and choosing the right person for your agency.

Included in this comprehensive text are numerous worksheets, formulas and charts for setting goals, establishing proper compensation, determining sales potential, agency planning and tracking producer activities.

The resource is divided into selection development and motivation. Each section covers each step of the process laying out a complete roadmap, from the first planning step to keeping an experienced and successful producer motivated.

  • Selection is not just the process of finding a top producer; but of finding the right top producer for your agency. Included within this section are ideas and resources for how to do effective pre-planning for the type of producer you need and the compensation you should offer. Then text then leads you through the recruiting, interviewing and hiring process. An extensive appendix is also included on proper interviewing techniques and the types of questions you must avoid or can’t afford not to ask!
  • Development covers what to do once the new producer is on board. This section includes such topics as designing a career development plan, understanding the four phases of career development, creating a new producer knowledge roadmap, basics of the industry and agency and sales development. The guide provides a unique training matrix, creating a path for educating the new producer in personal lines and/or commercial lines coverages and issues.
  • Motivation pulls together the final key to any new producer’s success – proper management and support from the leaders in the agency. The guide covers leadership, mentoring, setting goals and objectives, and the skills required for effective sales management. Finally, in recognition of that future day when your new producer has finally “made it,” the guide includes with motivating the experienced producer.

This Best Practices guide will save time, effort, money and wasted potential, yet the 160+ page e-book is priced at only $69.95. And as an added bonus, the guide includes the complete text of "Guide to Producer Contracts" (a $16.00 value if purchased separately). Click here to order now or e-mail with questions.