Legislature Breaks for Spring Recess

Last week, the California Legislature had a busy week of full calendar committee hearings before recessing for Spring Break on Thursday. 

The Legislature takes next week off, then returns on April 25th.  The policy committees have until May 6th to hear and report all fiscal bills and until May 13th to hear and report all non-fiscal bills.

Budget discussions seem to still be at a standstill.  Both parties have taken their budget arguments on the road but it is unclear whether either party is getting any traction. 

Governor Brown, however, did get some additional pressure to move things forward this past week when the President of the California Teachers Association expressed some distaste regarding Brown’s budget tactics.  CTA’s President urged Brown to get the votes for the tax extensions before they become tax increases.  CTA is one of the most powerful labor groups and would likely be one of the largest funders of any tax extension ballot campaign.  Brown is reportedly still talking with some of the GOP 5.