Governor Signs Billions In Cuts, Budget Vote May Be Next Week

Governor Jerry Brown signed bills today making billions of cuts in California's budget, raising community college fees and slicing support for the developmentally disabled and mentally ill.  The package raises community college fees from $26 per unit to $36 per unit and defers $2.1 billion in payments to K-12 schools to 2012-13.  All told, the measures address at least $8 billion of the state's $26.6 billion deficit.

Negotiations continued this week between the Governor and GOP 5.  As of this writing, the group was scheduled to meet this afternoon after what was rumored to be a full day session yesterday.  Some Republican sources have reported that a deal may be reached and ready for a vote by the end of next week.  The deal would have the two votes needed to pass the Senate, but the Assembly is still fair game, as two Republican votes are needed as well.  There are still several Republican Assemblymembers in play to vote for the budget and tax extensions but it will all depend on what the final compromise entails.

Stay tuned…