Bill Introductions -Tort Reform

AB 271 (Nestande): Existing law specifies the judgments and orders from which an appeal may be taken to the court of appeal.  This bill would add an order granting or denying class action certification, allowing appeal from the order at the discretion of the court of appeal.  The bill would specify various factors the court would be required to consider in determining whether to allow the appeal.

AB 393 (Wagner): Spot bill relative to the Administrative Procedures Act.

AB 556 (Wagner): This bill would, in any action commenced on or after July 1, 2012, in which exemplary damages are recoverable pursuant to these provisions, require the trier of fact to determine whether the defendant is liable for exemplary damages, and require the trial court to determine the amount of the award and enter an order setting forth the amount of the award and the reasons supporting the award.

AB 1108 (Nielsen): Spot bill relative to litigation costs.

SB 5 (Harman): This bill would require the Attorney General to defend against constitutional challenge, at the trial court level or as a respondent or appellant at the court of appeal or the Supreme Court, a constitutional amendment or an initiative statute that has been approved by the voters, unless an appellate court has made a determination that the amendment or statute is unconstitutional or otherwise in conflict with, or in violation of, federal law or regulation.  The bill would authorize the proponents of the constitutional amendment or initiative statute, if any, to defend the amendment or statute in the place of the Attorney General, if he or she is disqualified.  The bill would authorize the Attorney General to appoint special counsel if the proponents do not defend the amendment or statute when the Attorney General is disqualified.

SB 221 (Simitian): This bill would increase the jurisdiction of the small claims court by increasing that amount to $10,000. The bill would also make a technical change by deleting a duplicate code section that contains identical provisions.

SB 384 (Evans): Spot bill relative to civil actions and joinder representative actions.