Bill Introductions - Automobile Insurance Legislation

AB 621 (Calderon): This bill would, until January 1, 2015, require a rental company to accept service of process on behalf of a renter who resides out of this country for any claim related to harm, loss, or damage related to the use of the rental vehicle, if the rental company provides supplemental liability insurance coverage as part of, or associated with, the rental agreement.  The bill would require that any plaintiff who elects to deliver process to the rental company pursuant to these provisions agree to limit his or her recovery against the renter or rental company to the limits of the protection provided by the insurance coverage.

AB 695 (Norby): This bill would exempt from the helmet requirement a driver who is 18 years of age or older who has either completed a motorcyclist safety training program, or has been authorized to operate a vehicle pursuant to a valid class M1 license or endorsement, or a comparable license from another jurisdiction, for 2 years or more.

AB 753 (Monning): Existing law authorizes a vehicle rental company and a renter of a passenger vehicle to agree that the renter will be responsible for, among other things, loss due to theft of the rented vehicle up to its fair market value.  Under those provisions, a renter is presumed to not have liability due to theft if certain conditions are met, including, among others, that an authorized driver files an official report of the theft with police or other law enforcement agency within 24 hours of learning of the theft.  This bill instead would require the authorized driver to file that report within 48 hours of learning of the theft.

AB 772 (Cedillo): Spot bill relative to unlicensed drivers.

AB 817 (Gatto): Existing law governs contracts between rental car companies and their customers.  Existing law requires a rental company to disclose certain information in a quote for a passenger vehicle rental. This bill would define "quote" for purposes of those provisions.

AB 1047 (Jeffries): Spot bill relative to motorcycle safety.

AB 1063 (Bradford): Existing law prohibits the maximum liability of an insurer providing underinsured motorist coverage for bodily injury to the insured caused by one or more vehicles from exceeding the insured's underinsured motorist coverage limits, less the amount paid to the insured by or for any person or organization that may be held legally liable for the injury.  This bill would eliminate the authority of the insurer to deduct the amount paid to the insured by or for any person or organization that may be held legally liable for the injury from its maximum liability in those circumstances.

AB 1098 (Hagman): Spot bill relative to insurance and unlawful practices.

AB 1389 (Allen): Spot bill relative to driver’s licenses.

SB 49 (Strickland): This bill would prohibit a city, including a charter city, county, district, municipal corporation, or public authority from charging a fee to any person, regardless of residency, for the expense of an emergency response, as specified, except where a fee is otherwise authorized.  This bill contains other related provisions.

SB 130 (Gaines): Spot bill relative to insurance fraud protection.

SB 719 (Vargas): Spot bill relative to motor carrier insurance.

SB 869 (Yee): Spot bill relative to automotive repair dealers and airbags.

SB 875 (Price): Existing law authorizes a rental vehicle fuel gauge installed by a vehicle's manufacturer to be used in a rental transaction by a rental company to calculate an optional charge for fueling, under specified circumstances.  This bill would declare the intent of the Legislature to confirm that the enactment of that provision clarified, but did not change, existing law, and that the provision applies to passenger and nonpassenger vehicle rentals by a rental company and to all such transactions made before and after the enactment of that provision.