Everyone Can Use A Little Coaching

Even the best athletes benefit from the observations of coaches who have a vested interest in their success and can critique what they do well and where they could improve.  The same can be said of salespeople.  When you hit a plateau, lose out on an opportunity, or just experience the burn-out that comes from a daily dose of rejection, some positive, inspirational coaching tips can help rekindle the passion you once had for your profession.

Coaching and mentoring is different from sales management.  While monitoring the numbers, looking at activity, and holding people accountable for results is certainly valuable (and often absent in the insurance agency environment), every producer can also benefit from an exchange of ideas with his or her peers, to evaluate what’s working or what isn’t, celebrate their success, and commiserate when times are tough.

For the first time, attendees at this years’ Young Brokers and Agents Conference in Napa will be given access to four one-hour group coaching sessions following the conference.  The cost for these sessions will be included in the conference fee.  Each quarter, we will select a specific marketing or sales topic and provide an interactive webinar that will allow producers to share their successes and challenges with others, brush up on their selling skills, and get some coaching tips from the pros.

 Imagine how your sales career can benefit!  Click HERE to register today. 


“Don't mistake activity with achievement.” -- John R. Wooden