Oral Argument Set for Workers' Comp Case


The 1st Appellate District has finally set the Ogilvie v W.C.A.B/ City & County of SF v W.C.A.B. cases for oral argument.  The cases will be heard at the court on April 13, 2011 at 9:00 am before Division 3 of the Court.  Each case has its own setting which may mean there will be an allowance for more time than the usual oral argument (the court has granted the writs filed by both defendants and applicant in this matter).   

Given the complexities of the FEC issues the arguments in these cases may end up being some of the more technical discussion the court is likely to hear in a WC case. 

Source: Richard M. Jacobsmeyer, Shaw, Jacobsmeyer, Crain & Claffey