Chronic Backlog -- The Bane of Our Existence

Are your Account Managers buried under the day-to-day tasks they need to perform?  Do they have less time to interact with clients and make risk management recommendations?  Are they frustrated and feeling there is no end in sight?  Are they telling you everything would be great if only you had more people?

The reason could be chronic backlog—a situation that seems to have become institutionalized in the insurance industry.  Imagine coming to work every day knowing that the amount of incoming work will exceed your ability to process it, or joining a new agency only to be told that you will never go home with a clean desk. 

Chronic backlog leads to E&O claims, reduced productivity, poor customer service, and low employee morale.  It’s unfair to our employees and a tremendous disservice to our clients.  Even more frightening, in a fully automated agency, backlog has gone “underground”.  It hides in places like people’s Outlook Inbox, old activities in the agency management system, and client folders set up on a shared drive.  

Backlog can be defined as unprocessed work that has been in the agency five working days or longer—that’s right, we said days, not weeks or months.  If your Account Managers knew how to eliminate or prevent it, they would!  No one gets behind intentionally, and the agency’s staff is doing the best they can, given the resources that have been provided to them.

So, is there a way to smash the current backlog, and prevent it from recurring?  THERE IS!  Our Zero Backlog™ Desk Management System provides a simple, proven system to manage the multiple priorities on an Account Manager’s desk, eliminate the current level of backlog, and create an environment in which serious backlog will never again occur.  We can provide you with a number of “glowing testimonials” about the efficacy of this system.  Some Account Managers say this system “changed their life”.

If you want your service staff to receive this “special gift”, they should attend our Ultimate Account Manager courses, held in Costa Mesa, Fresno and Concord next week.  Space is limited, so sign up today at  If they hold the ACSR designation, they will comply with their continuing education requirement.