2010 Club Level Donors

 IBA West recognized the financial contributions of the following individuals to the advocacy efforts of the association at the Annual Meeting and Installation held this week in Pasadena.

"These individuals have demonstrated their commitment to the association through their contributions at the Club Level which provide essential support to the association's political advocacy in Sacramento and Washington, D.C.," said Kevin Baker, IBA West President.  

Thanks to the 2010 Club Level donors who have contributed to all three of IBA West's political action committees.

James Armitage, Arroyo Insurance Services, Arcadia, CA
Kevin Baker, Suhr Risk Services, San Jose, CA
Dorine Bolterman, E.C. Loomis & Son, Arroyo Grande, CA
Eric Bossuk, Calabasas-Tri County Insurance, Calabasas, CA
Debbie Cummins, Cummins Insurance Agency, Fair Oaks, CA
William Curtis, Sullivan Curtis & Monroe, Santa Barbara, CA
Rick Dinger, Crescenta Valley Insurance, La Crescenta, CA
Richard Hartley, Hartley Cylke Pacific, San Diego, CA
John Kelly Hodge, Linn T. Hodge & Sons, Los Angeles, CA
Linn Hodge, III, Linn T. Hodge & Sons, Los Angeles, CA
Clark Jackson, Preferred Specialty Insurance, Glendora, CA
Todd Jackson, Preferred Specialty Insurance, Glendora, CA
Sarah Kelly, Nickerson Insurance, Lomita, CA
Scott Kerns, Bay Risk Insurance Brokers, Alameda, CA
Gilbert Koury, Gilbert P. Koury Insurance, Los Altos, CA
Tim Manaka, Jr., FIA Insurance Services, Pasadena, CA
Darrow Milgrim, Wells Fargo Insurance, Sherman Oaks, CA
John Morey, The J Morey Co., Anaheim, CA
Robert Mulein, Calabasas-Tri-County Insurance, Calabasas, CA
Bill Nielsen, Nielsen & Associates Insurance, Exeter, CA
Wayne Partee, Partee Insurance Associates, Covina, CA
Clark Payan, IBA West, Pleasanton, CA
Michael Randles, Insurance Center Associates, San Pedro, CA
Andrew Valdivia, White Sutton & Company , Santa Monica, CA
Denise Weaver, Weaver & Associates, Arcadia, CA
Craig Williams, JSWW Insurance Services, Pleasanton, CA

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