New Year -- New Beginnings

Has Continuing Education training for some at your office become something like this:  they log on late at night the week before their license renews, seeking a cheap and easy on-line course.  The “training” consists of going as fast as possible from screen to screen clicking the NEXT button.   At the end, they take the quiz and give their best guesstimate of A, B, C or D.  If their first answer isn’t correct, their next guess will be.  At the end they print their certificate of CE hours and VOILA, they’re good for another two years!

The last two economically challenging years have had many an organization in a “hunker down mode”,   reducing staff and education expenses.  We can certainly understand that, but with a new year in front of us, and better times ahead, perhaps it’s an opportunity to ask ourselves what we are doing to learn more, improve our skills and increase our knowledge of changes in the insurance business.  

We never cease to be surprised, when we are in an agent’s office to present an on-site class and bring up issues such as form or law changes, how often the producers and account managers are unaware of the change.  Let’s face it; this business is an ever-changing and evolving one that requires our ongoing attention.    

How can this be done in a time-effective and cost-efficient way?  If you have more than 15 licensees, you have the luxury of having IBA West Education/Insurance Skills Center come to YOU.  No time out of the office and travel costs to deal with, and a reasonable price (remember—IBA West Members receive a discount!).  This is such a great way to get everyone on the SAME page and send an important message to your staff about your commitment to them and the business.   We can also bring sales and management programs to your office through our alliance with Agency Management Resource Group.   And since we are in your office, we can customize the education by discussing YOUR markets and YOUR business.  

Derek Bok, former President of Harvard, once said, “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

We wish you all a happy and prosperous new year, and if it includes enhancing your education program through in-house classes or live interactive webinars from IBA West Education / ISC,  give me a call.  

Patty Carlson 818-917-9253 or email at .