Tales From The E&O Crypt

We all know that an actual, or even potential, E&O situation is very scary.  And you’ve probably been to E&O classes in the past, where they told you that the cause of E&O losses was your failure to do a number of things—making you feel like—well, a failure.

We promise this E&O class will be like none you have ever attended!  No scare tactics, no feelings of failure, and definitely no desire to sell the agency and move to a cabin in Vermont.  We will use a practical approach to E&O loss control, consistent with the risk management philosophy we espouse to our clients every day.

We will examine the true, root causes of E&O losses.  There are only a few, but they account for the vast majority of claims.  You will leave with an E&O “Action Plan” that will help your agency focus on what it does best—sell and service insurance—while minimizing the agency’s exposure to E&O claims.  We will use a Best Practices approach to E&O loss control and provide you with tools and resources to reduce this troublesome business exposure.  Yes, we will include some E&O “Tales from the Crypt”, but some of them have happy endings for the agencies involved, and we’ll share what those agencies did to mitigate the damage.

This will be the first in a series of E&O classes that may qualify your agency for a credit on its E&O policy renewal.  Space is EXTREMELY limited, so sign up today!

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