WCIRB Offers Experience Rating Worksheets to Customers Free

The Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (WCRIB) announced that beginning January 1, 2011, each experience rated policyholder in California is entitled to receive a copy of its most recent experience rating worksheet once per year at no cost. This change comes in response to the Insurance Commissioner's adoption of new rules proposed by the WCIRB in its January 1, 2011 Pure Premium Rate Filing.

Policyholders may request a copy of their most current experience rating worksheet by completing a Policyholder Experience Rating Worksheet Request Form. This online form is available on the WCIRB website by clicking "Helpful Information" and then clicking "Obtaining Information from Us" from the home page. The form may also be accessed directly by visiting https://wcirbonline.org/ratesheet.

To complete the request form, a policyholder must enter the name of his/her business, the business address and a policy number shown on its workers' compensation policy. If the policy number is not known, the policyholder should contact its insurer or insurance professional. The WCIRB cannot provide policy numbers. Requests for experience rating worksheets will be processed as soon as possible, but given the volume of inquiries, it may take up to 30 days to process a request.

Only the policyholder may obtain an experience rating worksheet using this form. Other parties who wish to obtain policyholder-specific information should review the "Obtaining Information From Us" web page for information about the necessary forms and appropriate fees.

On or around January 19, 2011, the WCIRB will mail a postcard to all experience rated employers notifying them of this new service and directing them to the WCIRB website for additional information.