Advanced Agency Management Conference Palm Springs Getaway

Don’t be fooled by the word ‘getaway” in the name. This 2011 Advanced Agency Management Conference might be taking place at a resort on January 21-22, 2011 but the conference is designed for serious discussion and networking for agency owners.

“We’ve designed this conference for highly motivated agency owners who want to change what they are doing to get better results, better productivity, higher profitability, increased sales, etc.,” said Cheryl Koch, conference coordinator and Managing Director, IBA West Education/Insurance Skills Center.

The conference presenters include Ernest R. Khirallah, Marketing Plus, Inc., a senior marketing, advertising and sales executive with 30 years Business To Business and Consumer marketing experience; Catherine Oak, CRM, CIC, AAI, Oak & Associates, consultant to the Insurance Industry for more than 20 years, working with hundreds of agencies and popular trainer and speaker on a variety of topics in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand; and Koch, who formally joined IBA West this year as Managing Director. Koch has been involved with IBA West education for over 20 years as a designer of curriculum and an instructor. With Dr. Emmett J. Vaughan, she co-created the Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist (AFIS) designation and oversaw its early implementation. She designed and developed the E&O loss control program that is used by Big I state associations nationwide and is a frequent speaker on E&O issues. Cheryl is a nationally recognized expert on a number of insurance agency management issues and is a former agency owner.

“Owners who want a better agency are the target audience for this conference,” added Koch. “The program is structured to provide them with actionable information they can take home and change what they are currently doing.”

At the request of members, IBA West organized its first AAMC in many years in Los Angeles last fall that was very well attended by members.

“We are experimenting with new things,” said Scott Kerns, BayRisk Insurance Brokers, former IBA West president and advisor to IBA West Education/Insurance Skills Center. “We want the AAMC to be a premiere event for members.”

“As we approach the next Advanced Agency Management Conference, I want to share a very positive outcome from attending last year’s event,” said Kerns. 

“Two of us attended to learn how to better run our agency and network with other brokers/ agents.  During one of the sessions the presenter casually made reference to accomplishing internal perpetuation with current producers, and the huge tax problem created by using deferred compensation as a technique.  By coincidence, we were at least 60 days into setting up a perpetuation plan using deferred comp.  Based on the advice we received at the conference, we immediately reversed course.  This saved us conservatively $10,000 in upfront legal/consultant costs alone, plus the IRS bill we might have triggered,” said Kerns.  “I was grateful for the save and will definitely be there next year.”

For more information on the conference agenda and registration, click HERE.