IIABCal Member Jeanne Raya Selected To Redistricting Commission

Jeanne Raya
(SGVN/Staff Photo by Walt Mancini)

Congratulations to IBA West Member Jeanne Raya, General Manager of the John L. Raya Insurance Agency in San Gabriel, who was recently selected to serve on the 14-member Citizen’s Redistricting Commission tasked with drawing legislative districts for State Assembly, State Senate and Board of Equalization as authorized by voters in passing Prop. 11 in November 2008.

The Commission will also draw the legislative districts for California’s Congressional delegation as authorized by voters with the recent passage of Proposition 20 in the November 2010 General Election.  The Commission must complete this work by August 15, 2011.

Raya was one of the first eight members of the commissioner selected last week by California State Auditor Elaine Howle in a purposefully random selection process.

Raya, a registered Democrat, earned her undergraduate degree in English from University of Southern California and a law degree from University of California at Davis. She served as president of the  San Gabriel Chamber of Commerce (1998 - 2000).

In her personal statement Raya wrote, "I believe that our political system is capable of adapting and evolving, and with the guidance of this commission, it can incorporate the demographic, technological and economic changes that have shaped California since the last redistricting."

On a personal note, Raya said she was inspired by her father, a leader in desegregating the public schools in San Gabriel. "As a consequence, I began my education in a broader world where I encountered students of different races and economic status. This diversity is so natural to me now that I can’t imagine how someone could live in California without interacting with different groups of people, unless one made a conscious decision to be isolated," wrote Raya.

"As an insurance broker, I assess a clients’ exposure to risk by compiling information on their business practices, property values, and claims history to determine the appropriate insurance coverage," wrote Raya of her professional experience. "In order to be effective, I must be observant, I must listen to the client’s concerns and be aware of their budget constraints, and I have to understand the human dynamics that can affect the business’ risk of loss."

About the Citizen's Redistricting Commission

More than 30,000 Californians submitted applications to serve on the Redistricting Commission between December 15, 2009 and February 16, 2010.  Members of the Applicant Review Panel (ARP) selected 120 applicants earlier this past July. Between August 6 and September 13, 2010 the ARP conducted structured and consistent 90 minute interviews with each of the 120 applicants (40 Democrats, 40 Republicans and 40 not affiliated with either major party) deemed to be most qualified based on the criteria set forth in Proposition 11 as well as personal, professional and educational experiences measured against the candidates’ interest in serving on the commission, ability to be impartial, analytical ability and diversity.

Based on these interviews and information submitted, the ARP forwarded names of the 60 applicants (20 Democrats, 20 Republicans, and 20 not affiliated with either major party) deemed most qualified to the Legislature. The minority and majority leaders in the Assembly and Senate then exercised their right to strike up to two names each from each of the three sub-categories of potential commissioners (i.e., registered Democratic, Republican, and Independent/DTS or minor party voters.)

The list of names of the remaining 36 applicants was returned to the Office of the State Auditor on November 12, 2010.  On Thursday, November 18, 2010 State Auditor Elaine Howle fulfilled the obligation of that office to randomly select the first eight members of the California Redistricting Commission.

The eight selected commissioners will meet next week and begin the process of determining the selection of the final six members of the commission by December 31, 2010.

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