Members Briefed at Town Hall Meetings

More than 200 IBA West members participated in IBA West's annual Members Only Town Hall Meetings this week. Most logged in to the Town Hall meeting webinar held on Wednesday presented by Kevin Baker, president of IBA West and partner of Suhr Risk Services, San Jose; Clark Payan, IBA West CEO, and Steve Young, IBA West’s general counsel. In addition, a number of members attended meetings hosted by IBA Kings-Tulare and IBA San Diego.

Members participated in a lengthy question and answer session that followed a comprehensive review of recent legislative and regulatory developments as well as an overview of the potential challenges that await in light of the recent elections.

"I am extremely proud of the work that we are doing," said Kevin Baker, IBA West President. "We have just had a flurry of legislative and regulatory victories in the last four weeks."

"The modifications of the privacy regulations that will significantly reduce the cost and hassle to agents and brokers of complying with those requirements; the decision by State Fund to modify broker of record policy; and revisions to the homeowners insurance replacement cost calculation regulations are examples of issues we have been working on for many months, and in some cases, many years," said Clark Payan, IBA West CEO. " Our work has paid off and we are grateful to members for their support of the association's advocacy efforts.

Looking ahead, Payan told members, "We are committed to growing the association so we can have a member in every legislative district in the state. We must have a clear, large voice to be effective. Membership development is a strategic priority for us in the next year." 

Members may listen to a replay of the webinar. Click HERE for instructions on how to log in and listen.