Workers' Comp: Examiner's Guide to Reviewing a Medical Report

Workers' compensation insurance guru Bill Zachry, Vice President of Rick Management at Safeway, offers a helpful guide to instruct examiniers on how to review a medical report.
A self-proclaimed, workers' comp geek, Zachry recommends the guide written by Corey Ingber.  Zachry notes that Ingber, "does a pretty good job of outlining how to review and critique a medical report."

"Very few workers compensation judges have any formal medical training, and yet based on the applicant and defense medical reports they will be making medical decisions concerning the appropriateness of care and the need for future medical care. Therefore it is very important to be able to understand the medical reports from both sides (defense and applicant), and to communicate the reasons for challenging questionable findings in the reports," explained Zachry.   
Zachry encourages employers to keep in mind that if the claim is compensable and there is a well reasoned medical report with logical cause and effect, appropriate medial findings with reasoned and appropriate recommended care, it is incumbent to quickly accept responsibility and provide appropriate benefits and the right evidence based medical care. He offers this guide to assist the examiner in making this determination.

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