The Social Networking Successes & Lessons Learned

The Agent's Council on Technology invite you to a Free live webinar, Tuesday, November 16,  2010 at 2:00-3:00 PM EST.

Agents & consultants overview the lessons learned over the past 18 months and the best practices agents can use to help ensure a successful experience.

Claudia McClain, McClain Insurance Services
Rick Morgan, Rick Morgan Consulting
Angelyn Treutel, Treutel Insurance Agency and ACT chair
Mike Wise, WebWisdom LLC
Jeff Yates, ACT executive director will moderate.


  • Does social media really drive new business?
  • How important is blogging and how is it affecting the website of today?
  • How does social networking fit into your overall marketing plan and client communications strategy?
  • Where do you start your social networking efforts?
  • Where do you get content and how does content relate to web traffic?
  • How receptive are the customers and prospects you want to reach to social media?
  • How do you manage staff time for social media efforts?
  • How do you measure your results with social networking?

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If you can't make the webinar, the webinar will be recorded. Click here to visit the ACT web site, look for the "Websites & Social Media" link which can be found in the gray shaded portion on the left of the sitepage for a recording of the session.