InsurPac Update: Big "I" Contributed to Over 300 Campaigns

Political pundits agree almost unanimously that the U.S. Congress will look vastly different come January of next year than it does now. Non-partisan campaign analysts have estimated that roughly 80-95 House seats and 12-14 Senate seats are competitive, with the vast majority of the losses hurting the Democratic Party. It is virtually impossible for Democrats to lose all of those seats, but the chances are rising that the Republican Party will take over the House and come very close in the Senate. Although the size and magnitude of the Republican wave is yet to be determined, it is clear that there will be many new faces in Congress, which will mean new relationships to develop and cultivate, just as there were after recent Democratic waves.

So far this election cycle, InsurPac, the Big “I” federal political action committee (PAC), has disbursed more than $1.7 million to more than 300 campaign committees and hosted or co-hosted more than 50 fundraising events (many in the Big “I” Capitol Hill office) for members of Congress and candidates for federal office. InsurPac has gone to bat for members of both parties who are supportive of the independent agency system.

More than 3,000 agents across the country have supported InsurPac so far this year, as it seeks to eclipse $1 million in receipts for the second year in a row. Leading the fundraising pack is the state of North Carolina, whose agents have contributed more than $52,000 and have their eyes on the InsurPac National Championship Award, given to the state that raises the most money each year. South Carolina has already achieved “InsurPac Eagle” status for averaging in excess of $100 donated per agency, and several states are optimistic they’ll be able to reach this significant milestone by year end.

California agents have contributed over $19,000 to InsurPac. However, based on our size, that's just over $34 per member agency, a number IBA West hopes to improve upon for the next election cycle.  Click here to view a list of donors and state rankings.

Click here to watch a brief educational video about InsurPac and what it does for IBA West members on a daily basis.