Insurance Commissioner Candidate Mike Villines

Assemblyman Mike Villines is the republican candidate for Insurance Commissioner. Villines who was elected to the California State Assembly in 2004 to represent the 29th Assembly District, which includes the counties of Fresno and Madera.

Mike Villines is a small business owner who has spent the last six years in the California Assembly. As the Assembly Minority Leader, Mike has repeatedly shown his ability to demonstrate true leadership and make tough decisions. During his time in leadership he set the tone for major tax code revisions to encourage business development in California; formed public/private partnerships to bring infrastructure projects on-line faster; implemented categorical school funding reforms that allow more budget flexibility; and streamlined regulations that balance environmental protection and natural resource preservation with the critical need of growing our economy.

Villines will attend a Meet and Greet at Hotel Valencia on Santana Row in San Jose on Tuesday, September 28th at 5:30 p.m.  IBA West members are invited to meet Villines in a relaxed, informal gathering.  He will discuss his plans for the office of Insurance Commissioner.

“Our biggest challenge is to get people interested in the races, “ said Jennifer Givens, Villines’ campaign spokesman. “Most people don’t know much about what the insurance commissioner does so the best way people in the industry can help us is to spread the word about the race by putting up yard signs, volunteering at phone banks, etc..” 

If you are interested in getting involved contact the Tim Townsend, volunteer coordinator for the campaign by email at or by visiting the campaign website at

This event is not sponsored by IBA West or any other industry association. The Villines campaign is not accepting contributions from the insurance industry.