Jones Accuses Insurance Industry of Trying to Buy Insurance Commissioner Office

Assemblyman Dave Jones has issued a press release which accuses the insurance industry of trying to buy the office of Insurance Commissioner.

The text of the release is as follows:

“We knew it was only a matter of time, but the insurance industry has already started spending millions to elect an anti-consumer, pro-insurance industry candidate as the next Insurance Commissioner.

Insurance companies are hiding behind the California Chamber of Commerce to fund a huge advertising campaign for my Republican opponent, Mike Villines.

The Chamber is spending nearly $2 million over the next 8 days to air commercials across the state - and this is only the beginning.

The Chamber's commercial is disguised as an "issue advocacy" ad - it praises Republican Mike Villines for his alleged work to protect jobs in California, and asks voters to call Villines's Sacramento office to "show their support."

By pretending this is an "issue advocacy" ad campaign, the insurance industry and the Chamber of Commerce can hide who is funding the ads. This is clearly an attempt to by-pass state election law and hide the fact that it is the insurance industry that is trying to elect Mike Villines.

Insurance companies don't want voters to know that they're spending millions of dollars to elect their friend Mike Villines. Why? Because they can count on Villines to protect their interests if he becomes Insurance Commissioner.

I need your help to combat the millions of dollars that the insurance industry is prepared to spend to defeat my candidacy.

Please click here to contribute $200, $100, $50 or any amount you can afford to help me stand up to the insurance industry.

As Insurance Commissioner, I won't be afraid to stand up to the insurance companies and fight for California's consumers and businesses. At this spending rate, it looks like the insurance industry is prepared to spend over $10 million to make sure that an anti-consumer Insurance Commissioner is elected.

Please contribute today and tell all your friends and family that we need their help.

It's time that we have an Insurance Commissioner that will fight for Californians. The only way we can combat their millions is through the help of supporters like you.

Thanks for your continued support,

Dave Jones”

Assemblyman Jones is touting that he has approximately $300,000 in cash on hand.However, a comment issued from the Villines camp today states that, as of the last reporting period (June 30th) Villines was well ahead in cash on hand—Villines with $217,583.49 and Jones $80,619.73. Villines was quick to point out that 70% of Jones contributions came from labor and public employee union supporters and the rest from trial lawyers. The race, according to a poll by Villines, is in a dead heat. The poll was conducted from August 31st to September 2nd and covered a sample size of 1,001 likely voters, showed Villines garnering 23% and Jones 26% within the margin of error.