2010 YBA Conference Wrap Up

 By Brandon Okita, 2009-2010 YBA Committee Chair

First of all, I would like to thank all of those who attended and supported this year’s YBA Conference. It is the attendees and the generous sponsors that make this annual event the success that it is. We were delighted to have more agents attend than we expected, and overall there was a sense of relief and cautious optimism that the marketplace is improving. From the committee’s perspective, this was one of the smoothest conferences ever.

One of the key components to the YBA Conference is the education program. The committee worked hard to put together a program that featured a wide range of continuing education classes and professional development seminars.

This year, the conference featured a risk management walking tour presented by Angelynn Heavener, CIC, CPIA. “This was a highlight,” said Joe Hamilton, Hal Rakowski Insurance and YBA Committee member. “Having the chance to talk about risk management and then physically go out on the grounds of the hotel and talk about the actual issues we saw was invaluable.”

Hamilton, a member of the planning committee for the next conference said, “I am anxious to have this same kind of a class at the next conference in order to see a new hotel and a whole new set of risk management concepts.”

We also offered two presentations on social media, and both proved to be very popular among conference attendees. Additionally, there was a three-day Professional Development Track that featured Cheryl Koch, Owner of Agency Management Resource Group who recently joined IBA West and Insurance Skills Center as ISC Managing Director.

The unique educational workshops paired with the many networking opportunities make this conference a “must attend” annual event.

Look forward to seeing you next year!